Tutoring commonly refers to helping students master subject matter content with the objective of improving grades and standardized test scores. For example, if your child is struggling with math, you may consider hiring a math academic coach to help them understand the content. An academic (or content) tutor has specialized subject matter knowledge and can deliver the content at the pace your child needs. However, the content may not be the key issue and an academic tutor may not adequately address your child’s unique approach to learning across subject matter, including underlying cognitive and emotional components. 

Parents often misidentify their child’s difficulties in learning as a content issue. Continuing with the math example, the core factor may be that your child is having difficulties with visual-spatial processing and the integration of key concepts due to their distinctive learning style. In a second scenario, maybe you observe your child struggling with cognitive processes like planning and prioritizing, managing time, maintaining focus, self-regulating, and integrating information. In both instances, your child would likely benefit from improved executive functioning skills and a honed approach to learning. 

As executive function experts, Organizational Tutors focuses on understanding the nuanced processes by which each student learns and encouraging the development of more effective learning behaviors. We use a variety of executive functioning coaching methods to support the strengthening of students’ executive functioning skills like organization, cognitive flexibility, task initiation, and emotional regulation. We teach our students strategies and skills to help them improve their executive functioning, empowering them with the tools they need to become more efficient and successful learners.

Students improve their own performance, both in and out of the classroom. Not only will your child complete their at-home assignments and be well-prepared for their tests, they will also learn to understand and apply crucial EF skills in everyday life. Strong executive functions will be invaluable to their academic, personal, and future professional lives.

How Does Executive Function Coaching at Organizational Tutors Work?

At Organizational Tutors, we follow a finely-tuned, multi-step process that’s designed to match your student with the OT tutor best suited to help them achieve their learning goals. We consider your child’s personality, interests, conduct, strengths, challenges, learning style, and goals. We also consider the coach’s academic and professional credentials and experience, areas of expertise, training, and personality. Our impressive track record of successful outcomes affirms the effectiveness of our detailed matchmaking method. 

Should your family decide to move forward with the tutor match we have identified, you and your child’s tutor will schedule an initial 75-minute consultation. You and your student’s tutor will meet for the first 30 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of one-on-one time between tutor and student. This consultation will set the stage for a relationship grounded in open communication and mutual respect with the tutor and collaboratively establish a set of concrete goals. After the consultation, your child’s tutor will follow up with a clear, written assessment and plan for future tutoring sessions.

From that point forward your child and their coach will meet regularly according to the decided schedule, typically for 60 or 75-minute sessions of in-person or virtual support. Together they will focus on strengthening executive functioning abilities and developing strategies for productive and results-oriented learning. In-session time is 100% dedicated to student-tutor engagement. Caregivers will receive a written summary via email between tutoring sessions. We prioritize keeping caregivers apprised of progress so they can actively support their students in achieving their academic and learning goals. 

Want to learn more about how executive function coaching can improve your child’s learning outcomes? Contact Organizational Tutors today to talk to an executive functioning expert.

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