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Executive Function Coaching for More Confident Students

We are here to coordinate care and communicate with every member of the team when students need support. Instead of focusing on a specific subject, we orient toward overall approach and process with a constant eye toward independence. Our focus is on students who are struggling with executive functioning challenges, attentional weaknesses, language-based learning problems, dyslexia, dyscalculia, visual-spatial or auditory processing issues, or other emotional or cognitive difficulties that impede their academic success. Organizational Tutors is a network of highly trained, expert executive functioning tutors, coaches, educators, and learning specialists founded and led by Anna Levy-Warren, Ph.D. We offer remote and in-person coaching options for students of all ages aimed at helping them develop positive habits and lifelong organizational skills.

We Support All Students

Organizational Tutors supports students of all ages, elementary school through college. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged curriculum. We offer customized, individualized support from an ideally suited coach based on each client’s specific learning profile, needs, developmental stage, and personality. We work with students enrolled in public and private schools and students who are homeschooled or supplementing with a learning pod. All tutors in our network are learning specialists who are trained and adept at providing remote support utilizing the student’s preferred platform. Tutors have access to company-developed interactive webinars about evidence-based strategies to hold students’ attention and engagement during virtual sessions. Additionally, we have tutors local to the New York Tri-State area who are available for in-person work.

A Systemic and Holistic Approach

We believe in a team approach including parents, the school, and any other professionals who compose the system of support. Examples include the student’s teachers, the school guidance counselor, learning specialist, or psychologist, therapist, neuropsychologist who tested the student, and any current tutor(s) the student may have. Our goal is to enhance the student’s support network and provide consistent, holistic support. We aim to be in regular touch.

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