The Fundamentals of Executive Functioning

Writing Better Together

Program Overview


Six weeks; registration is rolling


1:1 coaching; virtual and in-person format available

Age Level:

All ages; all content is modified in a developmentally appropriate way for each stage of learning


Virtual format: $965 Total
In-person format: $1,495 Total
Each option includes six 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions


This program will equip your student with the executive functioning skills they need to tackle learning with confidence. Your expert coach will provide your student with a better understanding of the way they learn and with concrete organizational skills. Each weekly 1:1 session will focus on selected skills associated with a different component of executive functioning. All sessions will incorporate mindfulness exercises and include time for reflection and troubleshooting from the weeks prior. Your expert coach will also email you and your student a summary of key takeaways following each session. This program is a great opportunity for students to receive a condensed organizational overview without the commitment of longer-term coaching.

Week 1:

Physical Environment – Study Space & Materials

Week 2:

Schedule Systems – Calendars & Reminders

Week 3:

Time Management Techniques – Understanding, Estimating and Tracking Time

Building & Brainstorming
Week 4:

Limiting Distractions & Procrastination Strategies

Research & Outlining
Week 5:

Critical Reading, Annotations & Note Taking Strategies

Week 6:

SMART Goal Setting, Visualization & Reflection


If you are interested in the EF Fundamentals program please book an intake call here to confirm registration and session scheduling preferences.