School-Based Support

School-Based Support for Caregivers and Educators

Organizational Tutors provides talks and workshops for caregivers through the school or through existing caregiver groups (PTA, PA, etc.). These sessions introduce caregivers to executive functioning and provide specific strategies that caregivers can use at home to help their children become more successful learners. For example, a recent talk was titled, “Creative Tools for Managing Anxiety & Stress.” The sessions also provide a link for caregivers to further understand the school’s learning environment, so they can better support their children at school.

Additionally, we offer coaching, workshops, and professional development on executive functioning for schools, educational leaders, and teachers to help create a learning environment for students to succeed. We develop customized, school-specific professional development programs that can vary by length and intensity based on the needs of the school from a one-day program to a series of trainings and coaching. Contact us to learn more!


Past Talks and Workshops:

Below is a sampling of schools where we have given talks and held educator workshops.

Professional Development Workshops for School Staff:

Mind Map program

The Mind Map program is designed to help students develop actionable homework strategies through mindfulness and metacognition (i.e., our own awareness of how we think and learn). Mind Map targets key executive functioning (EF) and adaptable skills including task initiation, maintaining focus, organizing thoughts, adapting knowledge for demand changes, screening for errors, and managing frustration. Presented weekly, we will discuss, demystify, and put new study skills into practice. Mindfulness exercises, including deep breathing, visualization strategies, and brief physical activities, accompany the EF skills sessions. The session framework will remain consistent from week to week to model a nightly approach to homework.

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