We offer in-person executive functioning tutoring in the greater metropolitan areas of New York City, New Jersey (Hudson, Bergen, Essex, Morris, Middlesex, Somerset, and Mercer counties), Westchester, Connecticut, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Boston, as well as virtual tutoring options for students of all ages worldwide! Our tutors are independent professionals and set their own rates. Fees currently range between $200 and $400 per 75-minute session of virtual support and $300 and $500 per 75-minute session of in-person work.

As part of our comprehensive service, our first step for new clients is to conduct a complimentary 15-20 minute phone call with one of our expert supervisors. Supervisors are experienced professionals in the fields of psychology, education, and neuroscience specializing in complex learning profiles and executive functioning. Supervisors focus on a specific developmental period so there is familiarity with the challenges of your student’s particular stage of life. The call allows us to gain a personal understanding of your student and their particular struggles so we can ensure the tutor/coach is the right fit for your needs.

Please select the link below that applies to your student to schedule your call.

Supervisors are ready to answer any questions you may have about our services or your student’s learning profile and are always happy to review any relevant reports (e.g.: school reports or neuropsychological assessments) before this call. Please identify whether you have documents you would like to be reviewed prior to your call and the intake supervisor will reach out to you in advance to collect them.

For answers to frequently asked questions (including more details about our fees), please consult our Tutoring Fees & FAQ pages. For all other inquiries, please contact us at