Executive Functioning Tutoring to Empower Learners

Our network of executive functioning tutors and specialists helps students of all ages with complicated learning profiles form positive habits and develop lifelong organizational skills to excel in their academic and personal lives.

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What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning refers to an interrelated set of cognitive processes that govern goal-directed behaviors and enable us to effectively manage everyday activities. Basically, executive functioning skills help us successfully get things done. A host of academic abilities rely on executive functioning but these abilities are also tremendously important outside of the classroom.

Are We Born With Executive Functioning Skills?

Children aren’t born with executive functioning skills. While the potential to develop these abilities is innate, they take practice. If your child is struggling, thankfully, numerous studies demonstrate the ability of targeted interventions to significantly improve executive functioning.

Key Executive Functioning Abilities

Crucial executive functioning skills include planning ahead, keeping track of materials and tasks, managing time, effectively processing information, maintaining focus, organizing thoughts, adapting knowledge for particular situations, screening for errors, and managing frustration.

A Foundation for Success

Research shows executive functioning provides the foundation for success across academic, occupational, and social-emotional realms. Therefore, by encouraging the development of executive functioning skills and strategies, we can foster transformative changes within our students.

At Organizational Tutors, we provide in-person specialized and individualized tutoring and coaching for students of all ages with complex learning profiles and executive functioning challenges. By using a toolbox of evidence-based strategies, our highly trained specialists enable students to gain confidence and independence and become more effective learners. This takes some of the weight off of parents’ shoulders and allows them to be parents instead of academic coaches.

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Have a student with a complex learning profile and/or executive functioning challenges? At Organizational Tutors, we can help. We combine educational and psychological acumen and attend to the emotional components of learning and motivation. We create individualized plans with attention to each child’s developmental level, abilities, and learning differences. In order to provide the most consistent and comprehensive system of care, we collaborate closely with teachers, counselors, specialists, and other therapeutic supports.

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How We Are Different

A Unique Supervisory Model

What sets us apart from other tutoring companies is our unique supervisory model: we are a network of independent executive functioning tutors, each of whom works closely with a supervisor who is an expert educator, learning specialist, or neuropsychologist. This structure provides families with peace of mind knowing that their child is getting the most effective interventions. There are multiple sets of eyes on each case and we’re able to collaborate to find the best way to reach every student.

Expert Connection

Expert Connection

When a specialist or parent reaches out to us, they’ll have an intake call with an expert supervisor. The supervisor will delve into the student’s academic history and neuropsychological testing results, if available, as well as find out about the student’s personality, interests, learning style, and learning challenges.



After the intake process, the supervisor will identify the tutor within our network who is ideally suited to support the student based on the tutor’s experience, specialization, personality, and skill set. We pride ourselves on creating strong matches.



The supervisor has consistent check-ins with the tutor and reviews the tutor’s session summaries, offering written guidance and supplemental support. Everyone needs feedback and community support, and our model provides this for our tutors.

Reflection & Growth

Reflection & Growth

As part of our commitment to excellence, we stay apprised of the latest research and tools. We also reflect on our cases to identify what worked and what was less successful and then share that with the team. This helps us hone our expertise and methodology.

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