Supervision Model

A Unique Approach

Our unique supervision model at Organizational Tutors distinguishes us from other executive functioning tutoring companies. We are a network of independent professionals with support options available for students worldwide. Our unique supervisory model allows tutors to collaborate on each individual case and ensure that each student is receiving a tailored plan that works for them.

How Our Supervision Model Works

One-on-One Meetings

Expert Connection

Our supervisors are highly trained and regarded educators, learning specialists, and neuropsychologists who have in-depth experience working with students with a combination of educational and cognitive challenges. When a student is referred to us, a supervisor reviews all information provided on the student’s academic history, interests, personality, learning style, and learning challenges. Additionally, they will review the student’s neuropsychological evaluation or testing results and school reports, if available.

During the intake call with the student’s caregiver, the supervisor fills in any gaps in the information provided by the referring party, if applicable, so that they have a complete picture of the student’s situation and availability. The supervisor utilizes their training, expertise, and experience to understand the student’s unique developmental, cognitive, and academic needs. Parents can feel confident that their child will receive truly tailored support.


The supervisor uses all the information learned during the intake process to identify the tutor from our network who is ideally suited to support the student. The tutor’s experience, specialization, skill set, availability, and personality are among the many criteria that the supervisor considers. Our supervisors have a proven track record of creating strong matches. This means your student’s tutor will be able to connect with the student, meet their needs, and achieve the best outcome.


Following each session, tutors prepare and email the student’s caregiver(s) a professional and well-structured session summary. In these emails, tutors include any specific goals that were set, any upcoming projects or deadlines, and the plan for how the student will manage those projects. The tutor’s supervisor oversees all emails and offers guidance as needed. During their weekly supervision check-in call, the supervisor and tutor collaborate on cases, troubleshoot any challenges, and plan for continued progress. Supervisors are also always available for supplemental support. By receiving mentorship and feedback from their supervisor, the tutor develops and hones their professional skill set. Caregivers gain peace of mind knowing their student is receiving robust and effective support from this team at all times.

Reflection & Growth

At Organizational Tutors, we take seriously our commitment to unparalleled excellence. Supervisors stay apprised of the latest research and tools. Supervisors also reflect on cases and identify successful elements and opportunities for improvement. They share the takeaways with the tutors on their teams, so the expertise and methodology of our tutor network stays preeminent and cutting edge. Additionally, supervisors organize training and webinar opportunities for tutors to further encourage their professional development. We know caregivers want the best for their child. Through constant growth and reflection, we can provide optimal support for each student.

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