For Caregivers


Building Strong Foundations

We often hear similar concerns from caregivers who contact us about support for their children. Transitions and time outside of school are taxing. There are countless demands your child must juggle: completing short-term assignments, chipping away at long-term projects, preparing for tests, extracurriculars, social and family time, and day-to-day activities. Time is tight as it is and then there are impediments to smooth execution. Your child may avoid initiating their homework, have difficulty maintaining focus, become easily frustrated and overwhelmed by more challenging tasks, lose important papers in disorganized backpacks and binders, or struggle with planning work on longer-term projects.

These are just a few examples of the wide array of behaviors that coaching from Organizational Tutors can help change. We provide your students with the necessary tools and strategies to effectively manage their academic work and out-of-school time. Further, we are always in communication with caregivers, hearing what is happening between coaching sessions and sharing what we do in session every time.

More Than Tutoring

Maybe you’ve tried a content tutor in the past without much success. We are not tutors in the conventional sense of the word. We do not “teach to the test” or reteach and our scope goes far beyond helping students to complete assignments. We examine the approach and process for long-term change. We provide your student with the strategies, skill sets, and training to be an effective, independent, and confident learner. We customize our coaching approach to the unique learning profile of each student. At your request, your student’s tutor will communicate with other specialists working with your student to offer the most consistent and comprehensive system of support. We always communicate with you by providing feedback after every session.

Expert Matchmaking

Our world-class tutoring network is composed of an experienced and diverse group of independent professionals. In addition to the training we provide, all tutors have advanced degrees and are highly regarded and credentialed in their fields of study. They have exceptional backgrounds in helping students with complex learning profiles.

We pride ourselves on creating strong matches between tutors and students. During our comprehensive intake process, one of our expert supervisors dives deep into the student’s personality, learning style, developmental needs, learning challenges, and interests. The supervisor then proposes a candidate tutor to your family that they feel is ideally suited to your student’s needs based on their training, experience, personality, and availability. Should you decide to proceed with coaching, you and your student’s tutor will coordinate directly about scheduling a consultation.

We believe supportive relationships will lead to the best outcome and that your child’s tutor will also serve as a model and mentor. Additionally, our executive functioning tutors build important relationships with caregivers. Your student’s tutor will email you a detailed summary after each session and respond to any follow-up questions you have. You can also schedule supplemental discussion time or a separate caregiver session with your student’s tutor. We are confident that your child will receive the support they need and that you will feel informed and engaged in the process.

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