About Organizational Tutors

About Organizational Tutors

Our Mission

We believe that empowering students with customized executive functioning skills and strategies is the most powerful investment in their future as life-long independent learners. Working at the intersection of psychology and education, our coaches use evidence-based supports and prioritize forming authentic connections to help students of all ages strengthen their academic and personal self-efficacy.

Organizational Tutors - Core Values

Core Values

  • We embody an empathic and authentic approach to every interaction.
  • We communicate effectively and transparently.
  • We prioritize and invest in forming meaningful connections with our students — as unique humans and learners — and their support systems.
  • We receive information from our students through an open-minded, trusting lens and collaboratively cross-check its accuracy.
  • We dedicate ourselves to the goals of our students to replace our support with a skillset centered on their independence.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards.
  • We constantly strive to improve by welcoming and processing feedback through a growth mindset.
  • We take a socially just, culturally informed, and anti-racist stance.

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