Anna Levy-Warren, Ph.D.


Born and raised in New York City, Anna attended Bank Street School for Children and the Dalton School. She received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the City University of New York.

In 2005 she established a network of individuals with advanced degrees in cognition and education to help students and adults with executive functioning difficulties and other complex learning profiles. The student-centered aspects of this network later came to be known as Organizational Tutors. As the head of the network, Anna works one-on-one with students, serves as matchmaker to connect individuals with the right tutors, and actively supervises and manages the network.  Anna also provides services to adults, teams and business organizations through an affiliated company, Levy-Warren & Saunders LLC.


Julia Niego, MS


Julia holds a BA in Behavioral Neuroscience and an MS in Neuroscience and Education from Columbia University/Teacher’s College, the country’s first integrative graduate program to link educational theory with cognitive neuroscience research. In 2007 she co-founded a private preschool in Brooklyn, New York, and spent the next eight years developing and teaching progressive curricula and working school-wide as a developmental support specialist. Since 2012 she has worked as an Organizational Tutor and consultant, supporting children in preschool through fourth grade in building executive functions, a growth mindset, and strong academic selves.

Elana Smith.jpg

Elana Smith, MA


Elana has worked as a full-time EF coach and Organizational Tutor in New York City since 2010, providing support for students and young professionals with a variety of emotional, academic, and cognitive challenges; she specializes in working with young adults in transitional periods of life. She holds an MA in TESOL and a BA in English Literature. Furthermore, she has studied visual art extensively and is a certified Holistic Health Counselor.

Elana coaches and motivates students with complex learning profiles to develop strategies to succeed academically and beyond. She works in tandem with her clients to develop individual strategies that make academic and life goals attainable and that serve to increase self-confidence, independence, and motivation, building on a student’s strengths and gifts while promoting enthusiasm and inspiration. She currently supervises tutors working with students in grades 4-8.


Ruth Morin, Ph.D.


Originally from Los Angeles, Ruth received a degree in theatre and history from New York University, followed by an MA from the City College of New York. Ruth received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Columbia University. Based in San Francisco, Ruth focuses her work on the intersection of cognition and depression.

Ruth has worked as an Organizational Tutor since 2015, basing individual learning approaches on the unique cognitive strengths of each student, while maintaining strong rapport and building a scaffold for autonomy and mastery. She approaches the supervision of tutors similarly, with creative problem-solving and evidence-based techniques for success.

Jamie Weiner.jpg

Jamie Weiner, MA


With a background in arts education and an MA in Mental Health Counseling, Jamie excels at bringing her creativity to her work as an executive functioning tutor and consultant. Jamie spent the first portion of her post-graduate work as a staff therapist for Brooklyn College's research lab out of Mt. Sinai Hospital. Later, working with Anna Levy-Warren, Jamie shaped a practice aimed at strengthening executive functioning and fostering academic growth for students who are struggling with a complex combination of social and academic challenges.

Jamie specializes in tailoring unique in-home and at-school behavioral modification systems to the specific needs of each student, while supporting the family and educators in their implementation. As a supervisor, Jamie supports tutors in working collaboratively with caregivers, educators, and mental health professionals to cultivate strategies that will help students make sustainable change in their home and academic lives.

Bari Hillman - headshot photo.PNG

Bari Hillman, Ph.D.


Bari (Scheckner) Hillman attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Biological Basis of Behavior, and then went on to receive her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Health Emphasis) from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University. She has worked for Organizational Tutors since 2016.

As an Organizational Tutor, Bari tailors interventions to maximize clients’ progress, awareness of barriers, and sense of self-efficacy. Her strength-based approach highlights students' intrinsic motivations to foster rapport, confidence, independence, and increased understanding of the learning process. Similarly, Bari’s approach to supervision utilizes a problem-solving and team-based approach that supports tutors in working effectively with families, schools, and other supports and maximizes students’ success. 


Erin Weiner, Ed.M., MA


Erin Weiner specializes in empowering students with needs in literacy and executive functioning to become more confident individuals in their academic and personal lives. She entered into education in 2003 after making an early career change from journalism, enrolling in the NYC Teaching Fellows Program. Thereafter, Erin earned a second master’s degree and New York State literacy certification through the Advanced Literacy Program at Bank Street College.

Erin has spent her career teaching students one-on-one and in inclusion, general education, and special education classrooms, including teaching middle school at Mary McDowell Friends School, a Quaker school dedicated to educating students with learning disabilities. Currently, Erin coaches adults in meeting students' individualized academic and social-emotional goals so they may access grade-level curriculum. After spending a year and a half living and teaching in Madrid, Spain, Erin now lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two young children.