We are a network of independent professionals dedicated to helping students with complicated learning profiles excel in their academic and personal lives through the formation of positive habits and development of lifelong organizational skills.


About Us

Organizational Tutors is a network of highly-trained tutors, academic and executive functioning coaches, therapists, educators, and developmental specialists, founded and led by Anna Levy-Warren, Ph.D. All tutors in our network hold graduate level degrees and have a background in a combination of education and mental health.

We offer targeted support for students of all ages who struggle with executive functioning and attentional weaknesses; language-based learning disorders; visual-spatial and auditory processing issues; and social/emotional difficulties.

We provide specialized and individualized tutoring and coaching to strengthen students’ executive functioning capacities, effectively manage complex neuropsychological profiles, and overcome social/emotional obstacles to learning.

We currently operate in the greater metropolitan areas of New York City, San Francisco and Chicago, as well as in Upstate New York and Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We also offer our services remotely via videoconferencing for students located in other regions.


Our Mission

To develop organizational skills for life by helping clients identify, address and overcome the issues that impede their success.



What is Executive Functioning?

Executive Functioning (EF) refers to an interrelated set of cognitive processes that govern goal-directed behaviors and enable us to effectively manage everyday activities. Key academic abilities generally rely on EF: planning ahead, keeping track of materials/tasks, managing time, effectively processing information, maintaining focus, organizing thoughts, adapting knowledge for particular situations, screening for errors, and managing frustration.  These abilities are also tremendously important outside of the the classroom.

Numerous studies demonstrate the ability of targeted interventions to significantly improve EF. Research indicates that EF provides the foundation required for success across academic, occupational, and social-emotional realms. We therefore approach our work with a dedication to the profound importance of the developing of EF skills and strategies, and their ability to foster transformative changes within our students.


Our Primary Goals


To provide immediate, customized interventions targeting and expanding existing Executive Functioning skills.


To develop a significant, positive shift in habits toward sustainable, ongoing improvement of Executive Functioning.


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