Organizational Tutors is a network of highly-trained tutors, academic/executive functioning coaches, therapists, educators, and developmental specialists, founded and led by Anna Levy-Warren, Ph.D. All of our tutors hold graduate level degrees and have a background in mental health.

We offer targeted support for students of all ages who struggle with executive functioning and attention weaknesses; language-based learning disorders; visual-spatial and auditory processing issues; as well as social and emotional difficulties.

We provide specialized and individualized tutoring and coaching to strengthen students’ executive functioning capacities, effectively manage complex neuropsychological profiles, and overcome social/emotional obstacles to learning. We currently operate in the greater New York City area. 


Executive functioning (EF) refers to an interrelated set of cognitive processes that govern goal-directed behaviors and enable us to effectively manage everyday activities. Organizational skills, such as the ability to plan ahead, keep track of materials/tasks, and time-manage, generally rely upon effective executive functioning. EF skills allow students to effectively process information, maintain focus, organize thoughts, adapt knowledge for particular situations, screen for errors, and manage frustration.

Extensive research indicates that proficient organizational and EF skills provide the foundation required for success in academic, occupational, and social-emotional realms of life. Numerous studies show significant improvement in EF and organizational skills in response to intervention. We therefore approach our work with a dedication to its importance as well as a well-founded belief in its ability to foster positive changes within our students.


Students are typically referred to Organizational Tutors by school personnel, psychologists, psychiatrists, learning specialists, or other professionals. We discuss the student with the referring party to ensure we are an appropriate fit before scheduling a phone consultation with the student’s parents or (adult) student.  Consultations can also be requested by using the form below.

After developing a clear understanding of the student, Dr. Anna Levy-Warren and her supervisory team carefully consider the backgrounds and specialties of tutors within the Organizational Tutors network to identify an optimal match. Fees are determined based on the qualifications and expertise of tutors, as well as the anticipated level of intervention.

Following the initial session with students, tutors develop a customized plan for the student in collaboration with Dr. Anna Levy-Warren, who directly supervises tutors and is regularly apprised of students’ progress. Tutors maintain ongoing communication with parents and students via regular email updates detailing the foci and skills covered in sessions. Tutors also collaborate with other specialists within the student's support network to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals of developing skills and tools the student needs in order to thrive in academic and everyday life. 

Our network of tutors currently operates in the greater New York City area; however, we offer services conducted through Skype video conferencing, delivering equal levels of customized, goal-oriented support for those outside of the tri-state area.




Founder and SUpervisor

Born and raised in New York City, Anna attended Bank Street School for Children and the Dalton School, and received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University. Anna spent two years working in the field of psychology before matriculating at the City University of New York's PhD program, where she focused on and obtained her PhD in clinical psychology with a focus on neurocognitive assessment.

In 2005 she established a network of psychologists, educational specialists, and neuropsychologists to help students and adults with executive functioning difficulties and other complex learning profiles. Eventually, this network came to be known as Organizational Tutors. As the head of the network, Anna works one-on-one with students, serves as matchmaker to connect individuals with the right tutors, and actively supervises and manages all tutors.




Julia grew up in Connecticut and received an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Colgate University. She went on to earn an MS in Neuroscience and Education from Columbia University/Teacher’s College, the country’s first integrative graduate program to link educational theory with cognitive neuroscience research. In 2007 she co-founded a private preschool in Brooklyn, New York, and spent the next eight years developing and teaching progressive curricula and working school wide as a developmental support specialist. 

Over the last five years she has worked as an organizational tutor and consultant, supporting children ages two to ten in building executive functions, a growth mindset, and strong academic selves. Her work aims to build new bridges between neuropsychological assessment and highly specialized curriculum as an educator, and to establish a common language between students, parents and schools as an early learning consultant. 




Elana has worked as an full-time EF coach and organizational tutor in NYC for over eight years, providing support for students and young professionals with a variety of emotional, academic, and cognitive challenges; she specializes in working with young adults in transitional periods of life. Holding her MA in TESOL and her BA in English Literature, she will become a board certified Educational Therapist in 2017. Furthermore, she has studied visual art extensively and is a certified Holistic Health Counselor.

Elana has worked under supervision of Anna Levy-Warren while coaching and motivating students with complex neuropsychological profiles to develop strategies to succeed academically and beyond. She currently supervises tutors working with students in grades 4-8 and works in tandem with her clients to develop individual strategies that make academic and life goals attainable and that serve to increase self-confidence, independence and motivation as well as builds on a student’s strengths and gifts while promoting enthusiasm and inspiration. 


ABOUT Ruth morin, MA


Originally from Los Angeles, Ruth moved to New York City where she received a degree in theatre and history from New York University, followed by a Masters degree from the City College of New York. At CCNY, she gained several years of teaching experience at the undergraduate level. She is currently a PhD candidate in clinical psychology at Columbia University (graduating in September 2017), specializing in neuropsychology.

Ruth has worked as an Organizational Tutor for two years, basing individual learning approaches on the unique neurocognitive strengths of each student, while maintaining strong rapport and building a scaffold for autonomy and mastery. She approaches the supervision of tutors similarly, with creative problem-solving and evidence-based techniques for success. She will soon be pursuing postdoctoral training and board-certification in clinical neuropsychology at the San Francisco VA where she will be establishing the West Coast branch of Organizational Tutors.  


ABOUT Jamie weiner, LMHC


With a background in arts education and a Master's in Mental Health Counseling, Jamie excels at bringing her creativity and clinical skills to her work as an executive functioning tutor and consultant. Jamie spent the first portion of her post-graduate work as a staff therapist for Brooklyn College's research lab out of Mt. Sinai Hospital, practicing CBT and non-directive supportive therapy with children and adolescents suffering from IBD-related anxiety and depression. Jamie later worked under the supervision of Anna Levy-Warren, shaping a practice of utilizing her clinical skills as a backdrop for strengthening executive functioning and fostering academic growth in the context of students who are struggling with a complex combination of social, emotional, behavioral and academic challenges.

Jamie specializes in tailoring unique in-home and at-school behavioral modification systems to the specific needs of each student, while supporting the family and educators in their implementation. As a supervisor, Jamie supports tutors in working collaboratively with parents, educators, and mental health professionals to cultivate behavioral strategies that will help students make sustainable change in their home and academic lives. 



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