Professional Development

Organizational Tutors provides coaching, workshops and professional development on Executive Functioning for schools, educational leaders, teachers, and caregivers to help create a learning environment for students to succeed. The professional development program can vary by length and intensity based on the needs of the schools from a one-day program to a series of on-site trainings and coaching. Sessions can include a focus on school structures, student-focused classroom routines and decision-making, impulse control, time management as well as additional topics based on the needs of the school.

We have found that by creating a school-specific program that builds off each school's particular strengths, we can support the entire school community to become a safe environment to allow all students to access the core curriculum and to achieve success. Please contact us using the submission form to request a sample school professional development plan. We are an official M/WBE approved vendor for the NYS Department of Education.


Support for School Leaders

Organizational Tutors works with school leaders to analyze specific areas where students and/or staff need support. We create a school-specific implementation plan tailored to the needs of each learning environment. We continually follow-up with school leaders to ensure that the school's expected changes are being implemented effectively by teachers and other school staff.


Coaching for Teachers

Organizational Tutors uses research-based individualized or small group coaching model that provides specific strategies for teachers to implement to effectively help students succeed in a school and classroom environment. Having experienced coaches working with individual teachers and students in their classroom setting, we are able to pinpoint specific needs and to create an intervention plan to help children access the core curriculum and to become successful in the classroom.


School-based Professional Development

Organizational Tutors provides on-side professional development training and workshops for all school staff. We analyze the school environment to determine the best ways to support student success throughout the school day. We create a school-specific professional development program of school staff to learn strategies to immediately begin implementing in the school environment. After a training session, we follow-up with individual school staff members to assess their implementation and to continually refine and adjust their environment. By combining school-based professional development sessions with individual coaching sessions for teachers, we are able to meet the needs of children throughout the school day, whether in the classroom setting, in music or art class, the cafeteria, or in any other environment where students are not reaching their full potential.


School-based Caregiver Training

Organizational Tutors provides training and workshops for caregivers, either through the school or through existing caregiver groups (PA, PTA, etc.) These sessions introduce caregivers to Executive Functioning and provide specific strategies that caregivers can use at home to help their children become more successful learners. The sessions also provide a link for caregivers to further understand the school's learning environment, so they can better support their children at school.