Literature and Inquiry Club

Age Level:

Middle School (11-14) and High School (15-17)
*a minimum of 3 students are needed to run the club, each cohort is capped at 10 students


1:1 format, conducted remotely via Zoom


2x/week for 5 weeks


Weeks of June 27-July 29th
Tuesdays and Thursdays or Monday and Wednesdays
Time TBD based on interest




Rising middle and high school students are faced with increased rigor in their humanities classes relating to reading, comprehension, and note taking that is coupled by an increased expectation of independence and reading level.

The Literature and Inquiry Club provides students with strategies to develop the executive functioning skills required to successfully meet these demands. These include:

  • Planning for reading and analyzing different types of genres
  • Organization for annotations and outlining
  • Strategies for sustained focus and self-monitoring

By the end of the summer, students will have greater confidence in finding the main idea of any text, developing an opinion, and supporting their arguments with evidence. They will begin to understand the concepts of note taking strategy, and how to organize outlines for studying and essay research.

Throughout our time together, we will engage in mindfulness activities to help students find their unique motivation to succeed in the upcoming year. This all culminates with a grit building and goal setting activity that students can go back to, once the school year is underway.

Literature and Inquiry Club Instructor: Deveren Fogle, J.D., MA

Deveren Fogle earned his J.D. from St. John’s Law School, and after working for several years as an attorney and tech entrepreneur, he received his MA in Childhood and Special Education education from Touro College. Deveren made the transition to education from the legal and corporate worlds because of his unending interest in teaching, and aspirations to make a difference. Deveren has successfully prepared his students for academic success by teaching them how to use executive functioning techniques and strategies to problem solve and stay organized. Since we live in a society with information at our fingertips, Deveren finds it even more pressing to help students learn critical thinking skills – to help them process information at a high level. This is what he believes truly transforms the minds of children and young adults. Deveren is trained in literacy programs such as Wilson FUNdations and the Teachers College Writing curriculum. empowering and motivating students, Deveren gives them the confidence to face difficult academic challenges head-on. This is particularly important for students in middle and high school when independence is an integral part of a student’s academic growth.

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