Financial Literacy


Group classes, conducted remotely via Zoom

Age Level:

Rising 5th grade through 9th grade


Session 1: The duration of this program is 6 weeks. Sessions will take place starting the week of July 11. Day and time TBD, depending on student enrollment. Minimum enrollment of six students is necessary to run the group program.

Session 2: The duration of this program is two weeks. Sessions will take place the week of August 22 and September 2.


Group format pricing: $900, which includes (5) 75-minute lessons, (5) 15-minute 1:1 meetings
for project and presentation review, and (1) 75-minute Small Business Pitch Showcase.


This course focuses on teaching students essential Financial Literacy skills through an executive functioning lens with a combination of hands-on exercises, collaborative work with peers and mentors, and individually tailored research projects.

Along with participating in interactive lessons, students will create and develop small businesses selling either a product the student can make or a service the student can offer, and present their complete business pitches during their final session. Students will complete this course with a newfound sense of independence, responsibility for their mathematical work and enthusiasm for math and its practical applications.

Students will leave the course with an understanding of:

  • How to create and manage a budget using spreadsheets
  • How to keep track of funds and balance a checkbook
  • How financial institutions work, why we need them
  • Concepts of taxes and interest, how to plan for paying both
  • The difference between Debit and Credit, how to utilize each
  • Setting reasonable Financial Goals for individuals and families
  • Entrepreneurial concepts including profit margins, equity, stocks, capital, customer acquisition cost, and the laws of Supply and Demand
  • How to plan and present their ideas in a creative, concise fashion

Financial Literacy Course Instructor: Lisa Rogers, Ph.D.

Lisa received her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She has over 15 years experience in teaching mathematics to students of all ages, backgrounds, and cognitive levels. Throughout her career, Lisa has mentored students with complex learning profiles to help them improve STEM study skills, research techniques, managing stress, and setting academic goals. Lisa prides herself on the creation of comprehensive, individualized study plans for students grappling with dyscalculia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and attentional/executive functioning difficulties. She draws on her own experiences with test anxiety and lack of mathematical confidence to help students work through challenges and develop the critical thinking skills necessary for long term retention. Lisa always provides her students with a safe and nurturing work environment, allowing them the space to make and learn from their mistakes without the burden of fear. Lisa originally designed and taught her popular Financial Literacy program in 2018 for PS 41, The Greenwich Village School, to introduce primary school students to the real-life applications of math.

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