Summer 2021 Programs


Back-to-School Support for Students

Summer 2021

Our back-to-school programs are designed to help students of all ages strengthen their executive functioning skills and prepare for a new year of learning. Our interactive sessions give students actionable strategies they can use in school and in their daily lives. Please use the Contact Us form below to get started.

Financial Literacy: Two-Week Intensive


The duration of this program is two weeks. Sessions will take place the week of August 29 and September 5.


Group program or 1:1 format available, conducted remotely via Zoom

Age Level:

Middle School


Group format pricing: $900, which includes (5) 75-minute lessons, (5) 15-minute 1:1 meetings for project and presentation review, and (1) 75-minute Small Business Pitch Showcase. Contact us for pricing for individual format.


This course focuses on teaching students essential Financial Literacy skills through an executive functioning lens with a combination of hands-on exercises, collaborative work with peers and mentors, and individually tailored research projects.

Along with participating in interactive lessons, students will create and develop small businesses selling either a product the student can make or a service the student can offer, and present their complete business pitches during their final session. Students will complete this course with a newfound sense of independence, responsibility for their mathematical work and enthusiasm for math and its practical applications.

About Course Instructor Lisa Rogers, PhD:

Lisa received her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She has over 15 years experience in teaching mathematics to students of all ages, backgrounds, and cognitive levels. Throughout her career, Lisa has mentored students with complex learning profiles to help them improve STEM study skills, research techniques, managing stress, and setting academic goals. Lisa prides herself on the creation of comprehensive, individualized study plans for students grappling with dyscalculia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and attentional/executive functioning difficulties. She draws on her own experiences with test anxiety and lack of mathematical confidence to help students work through challenges and develop the critical thinking skills necessary for long term retention. Lisa always provides her students with a safe and nurturing work environment, allowing them the space to make and learn from their mistakes without the burden of fear. Lisa originally designed and taught her popular Financial Literacy program in 2018 for PS 41, The Greenwich Village School, to introduce primary school students to the real life applications of math. 

Students will gain the skills necessary to understand:
  • How to create and manage a budget using spreadsheets
  • How to keep track of funds and balance a checkbook
  • How financial institutions work, why we need them
  • Concepts of taxes and interest, how to plan for paying both
  • The difference between Debit and Credit, how to utilize each
  • Setting reasonable Financial Goals for individuals and families
  • Entrepreneurial concepts including profit margins, equity, stocks, capital, customer acquisition cost, and the laws of Supply and Demand
  • How to plan and present their ideas in a creative, concise fashion

Mindfulness Theater Club: Two-Week Intensive


The duration of this program is two weeks. Sessions will take place the week of August 29 and September 5.


Group format, conducted remotely via Zoom

Age Level:

All ages; We may organize two sections of this program based on the age distribution of the students who register.


$500 Total, which includes five 75-minute group sessions


The interactive group program will guide your student in developing an understanding of their own thoughts and feelings through meditative practices and theater techniques. Over the years, we have learned the benefits associated with guided meditations, meditative activities, and creative expression. Theater skills such as acting, playwriting and performing require components of mindfulness meditation such as concentration, active listening, and emotional memory. Our goal is to provide students with the foundational techniques to couple these two beneficial practices, which will guide self-expression and improve executive functioning skills. Led by one of our expert coaches, each session will focus on selected skills associated with mindfulness, executive functioning, and theater.

About Course Instructor Peter Halligan, MS:

Peter Halligan earned a Bachelor’s degree in childhood education and Master’s degree in special education from Touro College. He has been working with children in educational settings since 2007. Certified by the State of New York to teach both general education grades K-6 and students with disabilities grades K-6, he supports students with unique learning profiles while collaborating with school psychologists, counselors, social workers, and families. Peter has extensive experience creating and implementing interventions related to executive functioning skills such as planning, prioritization, organization, task initiation, time management, and sustained attention. As a member of the school district’s building leadership team, he works to create social emotional programs for students that will foster interpersonal skills and build a sense of community. In his spare time, Peter is a passionate actor, currently in his own third-tier intermediate acting class, a skill he brings to the Mindfulness Theater Club.

Course Structure:
  • Session 1: Introduction to mindfulness, acting basics and theater games
  • Session 2: Mindfulness games, visualization activity and introduction to beginner scene work
  • Session 3: Scene work continued, mindfulness activity, theater and improvisational games
  • Session 4: Contentless scripts based on building a character, new meditation activity and intro to superhero yoga stories
  • Session 5: Mindfulness game, visualization exercise, and scene work concluded

The Fundamentals of Executive Functioning (EF): Two-Week Intensive


The duration of this program is two weeks. Registration is rolling.


1:1 coaching, conducted remotely via Zoom

Age Level:

All ages; all content is modified in a developmentally appropriate way for each stage of learning


$795 Total, which includes six 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions


This customized program will equip your student with the executive functioning skills they need to tackle learning with confidence. Your expert coach will provide your student with a better understanding of the way they learn and with concrete organizational skills. Each 1:1 session will focus on selected skills associated with a different component of executive functioning. All sessions will incorporate mindfulness exercises and include time for reflection and troubleshooting from the weeks prior. Your expert coach will also email you and your student a summary of key takeaways following each session. This program is a great opportunity for students to receive a condensed organizational overview without the commitment of longer-term coaching.

Course Structure:
  • Session 1: Physical Environment – Study Space & Materials
  • Session 2: Schedule Systems – Calendars & Reminders
  • Session 3: Time Management Techniques – Understanding, Estimating and Tracking Time
  • Session 4: Limiting Distractions & Procrastination Strategies
  • Session 5: Critical Reading, Annotations & Note Taking Strategies
  • Session 6: SMART Goal Setting, Visualization & Reflection

Summer SELF — Supporting Executive Functions & Learning

Information for those who would like to support this pilot program

Program Mission Statement:

For the past fifty years, there have been increasingly significant gaps in opportunity growing among children in the United States. A wide array of factors including socioeconomic status, race, and discriminatory laws, policies, and structures leave children, particularly those with multiple marginalized identities, at an unfair disadvantage in their education. During the COVID-19 pandemic, staggering rates of learning loss disproportionately impacted students with reduced resources and more limited support systems, widening existing learning and opportunity gaps.

Absent timely intervention, students are vulnerable to longer term impacts from losses during formative years when they are developing foundational skills in reading, writing, and math. Increasingly, research has shown that frequent, 1:1 or small group tutoring sessions can effectively combat loss of learning. Organizational Tutors’ mission is to increase access to strength-based, targeted Executive Functioning (EF) tutoring. We aim to equip students with the skill sets and framework foundational to shaping their educational landscape, achieving their learning goals, and thriving more independently in the classroom and beyond.

In late June 2021, Organizational Tutors will launch a summer program to provide free coaching services with expert Executive Functioning tutors to students with economic need who have fallen behind in their learning. Our goal with this program is to empower these students with effective tools and skills to get back on track in their learning in preparation for the fall term and beyond. 

Program Description

During the six weeks of the Summer SELF program, tutors will introduce students, across developmental levels, to fundamental skills associated with executive functioning. Specifically, all students will receive coaching and support around improving their physical organization, time management skills, goal setting, and planner systems. Tutors will integrate into sessions an introduction to mindfulness, as a powerful tool for self-regulation, and metacognition, which can help a student develop greater insight into themselves as a learner and how they learn best. 

Additionally, over their six weeks together, tutors and students will dive deeper into an important aspect of a student’s academic self based on their specific area of need. Tutors will integrate aspects of executive functioning across focus areas, as they create plans to achieve specific academic goals. 

Program Support:
$600 will secure a complete Summer SELF six-week session package for one student. The package cost covers tutoring, supervision, training, curriculum, and materials. Organizational Tutors will not profit from this initiative.


Our goal is to enroll at least 100 students in this our pilot of Summer SELF. The generosity of our community members can make this goal a reality.

We are grateful for the contributions we have received to date, which have allowed us to lay the framework for Summer SELF.  We still need more financial support  to put this program into action and reach 100 students who need us this summer. Can you help us achieve our goal? 

If you are able and would like to provide financial support, we can accept direct contributions via Venmo @OrganizationalTutorsLLC. If you can contribute this way, please reference Summer SELF in the memo and the email address where we should send your receipt. If you prefer to send a check or Zelle, please email our Operations Director, Katie Barzee, at [email protected] with the amount you would like to contribute towards purchasing Summer SELF sessions for students. Every amount makes a difference. Thank you! 

**Please note that the Contact Form at the bottom of this page does not apply to this program. Thank you.**



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