Fall 2020


We Are Here For You

Organizational Tutors’ goal is to help your student succeed academically and beyond. During these unprecedented times, we have created a series of specialized packages to directly support this new normal of learning.

Package A

Virtual & Hybrid Distance Learning Facilitators

Studies show when students have facilitated support during remote learning, they are able to perform as well as, and sometimes better, in their virtual classes. These packages will allow you to pair your student with an experienced, dedicated, executive function coach to facilitate any at-home learning days of your choice, either entirely virtually or through a combination of in-person and remote sessions.

We are experts at helping students set goals for their distance learning, structure their days at home and stay on track with greater independence and accountability. Coaches will interpret and break down your child’s curriculum to create a direct plan for completion and provide the support and accountability necessary to stay on schedule.

With our VIRTUAL option, students will receive:
  • 30 minute morning check in to help students create a visual schedule for the day with a framework of strategies for success
  • Midday availability via text or email for questions and troubleshooting
  • 30 minute afternoon check back to assess and reflect on progress, make adjustments and create plans for the evening or next morning
  • Written follow ups highlighting goals, skill progression, successes, challenges and goals for the remainder of the week/weekend
  • Coordination with student’s educators/school admin/educational platform to optimize support (as possible)
With our HYBRID option, students will receive:
  • All of the above supports on remote days PLUS the addition of in-person 75-minute session(s) at the beginning of the week to set up the student’s learning space, create a plan for the week based on the student’s school curriculum, set a visual schedule with concrete plans and reminders and reinforce key executive functioning skills.

Schedule Options & Pricing*

VIRTUAL Facilitator Pricing

(1) day of remote facilitation = $250/Week
(3) days of remote facilitation = $750/Week
(5) days of remote facilitation = $1,250/Week

HYBRID Facilitator Pricing

(1) in-person 75 minute session per week plus (4) remote support days = $1,375/Week
(2) in-person 75 minute sessions per week plus (3) remote support days = $1,500/Week
(3) in-person 75 minute sessions per week plus (2) remote support days = $1,650/Week

*Facilitator packages are eligible for a 10% pay now discount, if you choose to pay upfront for your semester of support (September – December winter break).

Package B

Drop-In Executive Function Support & Facilitation

Sometimes your student just needs an extra boost and a few concrete tools to get them back on the right track, especially when they are tasked with managing their own learning from home. This fall, we are offering express drop-in support with one of our expert coaches. These express sessions are focused on organization, time management and prioritization to help students effectively manage their schedule and assignments.

Coaches will meet with your student for 30-minutes to assess and create a plan of action and then schedule another 30-minute follow up meeting with your student to troubleshoot and provide feedback and resources for moving forward.


Families can choose whichever day they require support and will be matched with an available tutor based on their schedule. Coaches may vary by the day of week depending on availability.


$75 for two 30-minute express sessions

*Facilitator packages are eligible for a 10% pay now discount, if you choose to pay upfront for your semester of support (September – December winter break).

Package C

Homeschooling with OT & Forum Education

For students looking for comprehensive homeschooling instruction, we have collaborated with Forum Education to provide a rigorous, structured, full-year program that brings together multiple subject matter experts, and our executive functioning and neurocognitive support, to deliver an entirely customized educational experience to your child.

Homeschooling students receive:
  • Expert instruction in all subject areas: Forum’s homeschool instructors are professors, professional educators and private school teachers who offer students a full curriculum of English, history, math, science, and language according to the highest standards of NYC private schools and the regulations of New York State. Forum will handle all aspects of compliance with NYS homeschool regulations.
  • Proper pacing: Students who want to move twice as fast as their peers can do so—and get to college-level courses by the time they’re part way through high school. And students who need extra time on a topic will have it.
  • A tailored curriculum with executive functioning support: Core classes are taught in the context of personal interests, and students’ course and daily schedules will be designed in conjunction with Organizational Tutors’ coaches based on the latest research in cognitive and developmental psychology and each student’s unique learning profile.

For more information on scheduling and pricing, please contact Forum Education at [email protected]

A note regarding in-person support…

The discussion about returning to in-home tutoring services requires the consideration of balancing necessity with safety. We respect every family’s and tutor’s decision about what works best for them. Most importantly, we want to emphasize that minimizing risk for our tutors and families is a top priority. We encourage families to reach out about any questions or concerns related to in-person tutoring. Organizational Tutors has provided several recommendations to tutors to help protect themselves and their clients based on current CDC guidelines.

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