Services Offered

What we do 

Organizational Tutors provides specialized and individualized tutoring/coaching services to strengthen students’ executive functioning capacities, effectively manage complex cognitive profiles, and overcome academic/social/emotional obstacles to learning.


Our Approach


Every student is different, and we are committed to identifying and addressing the particular issues that each student faces. In general, we help students develop skills related to:

  • Planning and following through

  • Time management and procrastination avoidance

  • Patience and increasing frustration tolerance

  • Focus and filtering distractions

  • Self-restraint and impulse control

  • Flexibility among activities and multitasking

  • Prioritization and separating the essential from the inessential

  • Attention to and remembering details

  • Organization of written ideas

  • Language-based difficulties (dyslexia, expressive and receptive language challenges etc.)

  • Dyscalculia


The academic, cognitive, and developmental needs of every student are reviewed and analyzed to create a customized program that meets each student’s specific needs and goals. For each student we thoroughly review school reports, collaborate and communicate with caregivers and other professionals, and engage with the student directly—paying particular attention to the interplay between individual and environment. Identifying and understanding specific areas of friction and their impact on individual and family functioning across settings (home, school, extracurricular, etc.) is essential to building an effective plan for your child.


Through the integration of specific learning and cognitive techniques, we help students achieve greater structure and organization in their schoolwork and personal lives. We use a variety of methods to strengthen students’ executive functioning skills, including writing, time management, and personalized study strategies. In addition, we focus on cross-subject organizational supports, such as upkeep of work spaces, note-taking, and long-term planning for projects, tests, and assignments.

Every student must use a planner or electronic calendar system, which tutors will have access to as necessary, as a way to help students internalize planning and time management skills.


When appropriate, tutors will communicate with other specialists with whom the student works—including teachers, other tutors or learning specialists, therapists, neuropsychologists, etc.—to ensure that we are working effectively within the student’s support network. For many students, the key to success lies in a multi-pronged approach that includes support from a wide range of experts.


Tutoring Structure


When a student is referred to us, we begin by discussing the student’s background and situation with the referring person or organization to make sure that Organizational Tutors is right for the student’s particular needs. If the referring party is not the student's caregivers, we then talk with the student’s caregivers to learn more about the student, identify a tutor within our network that is a match for the student, and recommend an appropriate fee.


All clients participate in an initial 75-minute consultation with a tutor who has been chosen based on the student’s particular needs. The tutor will spend 30 minutes with the caregivers and 45 alone minutes with the student. The purpose of this meeting is for the tutor to learn more about the student and the family, to begin to build a rapport with the student, and to establish a communicative relationship with the caregivers.


After the initial meeting, subsequent sessions typically last between 60 and 75 minutes, with the entirety of the session dedicated to the student. After each session, the tutor will send an email to the caregivers summarizing the session.


Depending on the student’s needs, the tutor will recommend the number of weekly sessions, though two sessions per week is appropriate for most students. Increasing or decreasing session frequency and duration can be arranged. We strive to be flexible without diluting support systems.




After each session, the tutor will send an email to the caregivers summarizing the session. This email will include any specific goals that were set, any upcoming projects or deadlines, and the plan for how the student will manage those projects. By keeping caregivers up to date on the student’s status and progress, we can help caregivers take an active role in supporting the tutoring process.


Tutors often communicate with students throughout the week as a way to make sure the student is following any plans, knows when the next tutoring session is, or is prepared for any large assignments or tests that may be on the horizon.


Building Relationships


Building strong interpersonal relationships is a critical component of what we do, and is the backbone of the tutor-student dynamic. We believe that pairing students with the right tutors is essential to achieving success, and we pride ourselves on creating strong matches. A tutor will be carefully chosen based on each student’s unique educational, social, and developmental needs, with a keen eye to personality and personal interests.


Tutors are committed to keeping caregivers up to date on the student’s status and progress so caregivers can be informed and engaged with the tutoring process. The session summary email is the primary way tutors communicate with caregivers. If caregivers would like, they can, in consultation with the tutor, schedule a separate caregiver session or add time at the end of the student session to talk with the tutor.


Tutoring Fees


Sessions currently range from $200 to $425 per 75-minute session, depending on the student's needs and developmental level. Sliding scale fees are available for families in-need, this will be discussed during the initial intake conversation.


All session fees include comprehensive post-session summary emails, out-of-session preparation and review, including any necessary communication with the student’s school, therapists, learning specialists, etc. and in-between session check-ins with students.


Bills will be submitted at the end of the month by the tutor, and are due upon receipt.


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the full session fee.